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Social Media Usage & Broker’s Liability (Updated May 2015)

Christopher J. Lazaro, MBA Licensed Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® Christopher J. Lazaro, MBA, Licensed Real Estate Broker & REALTOR®, 1-800-798-9192 ext. 333, License #: BK3252123, Metro International Investments, MLS: http://REBroker.Miami

I updated an article I posted back in 2013 with current information and tips regarding Social Media Usage.  Click the link below to go to the updated article.

Social Media Usage & Broker’s Liability (Updated May 2015).



Miami Realtor, Miami Real Estate Professional

Christopher Lazaro, MBA – International Realtor of Miami

About Christopher J. Lazaro (52 Articles)
I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in Residential Real Estate transactions from Downtown Miami, through the Miami Beaches and into Fort Lauderdale along the US1 Corridor and East. Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer, an Institutional Buyer, or Private Investor, I will be happy to provide you a consultation to evaluate your real estate investment goals. I can be reached at 1-800-798-9192 ext. 333. My MLS Website can be found at http://REBroker.Miami. I am a Qualifying Broker for and partner in, Metro International Investments.

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