Christopher J. Lazaro, MBA Licensed Real Estate Broker & REALTOR®

BeachBroker.MIAMI’s New Facelift is Completed (mostly)

The New Theme

My Blog has been reborn as BeachBroker.MIAMI, and implies a moniker that I am comfortable with and hope to strengthen as I continue to build my real estate business on Miami Beach & elsewhere!

The new theme for BeachBroker.MIAMI (formerly; and former to that, is based on a Magazine Layout Format.  The idea, over the next few months, is to create an authoritative, information rich resource that organizes not only my publications & analyses of the market data for the 5 zip codes constituting the Miami Beaches, but provide useful links, documentation, and other resources from known & respected third parties to the general public.  I also seek to further integrate my own social media presences into this site, so as to make it a one-stop-shop to see what is moving & shaking with The Beach Broker ;).

In December I was longing for a change, and wanted to set a new tempo for my business; something that was more fresh and exciting than the usual doldrums of Commercial Real Estate, a major part of my business.  For many years I worked in Corporate America, in New York City.  Even when I had moved to Miami, all I had really done was trade a dark room with computer screens in NYC, for a dark room with computer screens in Miami.  Upon leaving Corporate America to start a real estate business over 4 years ago, I landed in the same dark room, only instead of designing & costing global banking systems, I was researching commercial properties and creating packages & reports for investors.  While I do enjoy this aspect of the business, commercial real estate is not a profession that takes you outside often enough to really enjoy the Sun on your face.  Therefore, I decided to split my time and balance my workload so I could do both commercial real estate, and residential real estate.  For the record, residential real estate is WAY more fun!  I love getting out, meeting new people, seeing new places and discovering new things.  Showing property to prospective buyers is a welcome respite from sitting in an office all day creating commercial real estate packages.

This blog is starting to become a big part of my profession, and my heart and soul.  I love doing market analysis, and using all of the cool toys the Miami Association of Realtors provides it’s agents and brokers to educate the public and facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.  While I had a very successful career in information technology, I have not looked back and I do not miss it.  I know I made the right choice, and my past couple years of compounding successes continue to remind me of what a great decision I made by following my heart into something that I knew I would love and enjoy.

Please let me know what you think of the new layout!  I will be adding a couple more pages, and posting LOTS more information on properties, markets and neighborhoods over the coming weeks.

Some people have asked me why I have not integrated MLS/IDX listings into this website.  I decided I wanted this to be a site where I had absolute control over the content.  However, I did create a website that is MLS/IDX enabled so customers & clients can browse the local listings – REBroker.MIAMI

REBroker.MIAMI is a residential real estate search site for property & rentals!
REBroker.MIAMI is a residential real estate search site for property, pre-construction deals & rentals!


I thank you for visiting BeachBroker.Miami and hope you will click the link on the right of the home page to FOLLOW my blog; this way you will automatically be emailed a copy of every analysis I publish on this website.  I hope you find my insights and information useful!



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Christopher J. Lazaro, Miami Beach Real Estate Broker & REALTOR®

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Christopher J. Lazaro

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in Residential Real Estate transactions from Downtown Miami, through the Miami Beaches and into Fort Lauderdale along the US1 Corridor and East. Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer, an Institutional Buyer, or Private Investor, I will be happy to provide you a consultation to evaluate your real estate investment goals. I can be reached at 1-800-798-9192 ext. 333. My MLS Website can be found at http://REBroker.Miami. I am a Qualifying Broker Metro International Investments & Miami Beach Brokers.

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