Unbelievable Incompetence at Best, Criminal at Worst and Dishonorable Regardless

Amidst all the lip service our politicians spout regarding “Saving Our Homes” and having created “Programs” to assist over the past 4 years; it is amazing what OBVIOUS things were overlooked during the whole debacle.

1)  http://therealdeal.com/blog/2013/03/04/mortgage-settlement-uncovers-further-bank-misdeeds/

If the banks are not incompetent, then they are criminal (I believe both), an regardless of which is true, dishonorable.  Surely common sense of any executive at any bank should have dictated an order, long ago, to hold off foreclosing on ANY military personnel, especially those deployed; but this obviously did not happen.  I am quite sure there will be claims that “Amidst the market turmoil we were overwhelmed and did not know”..or something to that effect.  However, having worked for two financial institutions myself, I assure you that at least ONE phone call, message, “heads up” had to have made its way up to even middle management, let alone upper management; and they did nothing.  Wells Fargo is quoted as “regretting” the harm they have done to these people, but I question whether the settlement will truly cover these families abilities to get back their homes (like or better…and the banks certainly owe them BETTER), let alone make up for the pain, the fear, the uncertainty, the struggle, they put these brave men, women and their families through.  Whats more, “the banks, which include Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, argue that the wrongful evictions make up an insignificant proportion of the millions of foreclosures under review.”…as if the act of downplaying it in any way could possibly cast the subject matter, let alone THEM, in a better light!?

Common Sense is unfortunately not that common…even for the Wharton, Harvard, Yale and other primo-school graduates that are running our largest financial institutions.  Lets not forget that the banks are not alone in this.  Not ONE Politician sought to put and end to Foreclosures on Military Personnel serving overseas???  Unless I am mistaken, a simple stroke of the pen of the President could have prevented this from continuing for as long as it did.  While our Politicians played their game of Chess with each other (given the stalemate, i should stand corrected and say Checkers…Chess would be too complicated for those idiots), spending vast sums of money that, lets face it, We (the People) will never actually pay back; people continue to lose homes, businesses, savings etc even as I write this “flame”.

I often wonder how much Washington might change if every voting citizen of the country, by default, would spend the next six years voting exclusively for non-incumbents.  Maybe that might send a clear message that this, amongst vast numbers of other things I cannot wait to write about, is unacceptable?