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Christopher J. Lazaro
An evening in NYC at Ink 48 rooftop bar/lounge.

It has certainly been an interesting 20 days in the world of business!  After my last post, our brokerage absorbed nearly 70 short sale listings from an agent who rejoined my firm after a two year stint going it alone and making it on her own (I am very proud of her!).  In the midst of this activity, and in addition to the usual order & chaos of my own residential & commercial real estate brokerage endeavors, I took a trip to NYC over the coldest weekend on record (-24 degrees F on the night of Saturday the 13th, Feb 2016!!!) to meet with new and existing business associates in the commercial real estate arena.

It is important, I think, to recognize the importance of meeting people in-person.  I have found the Internet has made it difficult, at best, to differentiate a real business player from a fraud; and not not mention there is a big difference from being nothing more than words in an email and/or a voice on the phone than being (to another person) a living, breathing, in-the-flesh businessman who has gone out of his way (leaving the warmth of Miami for the cold of NY; not to mention the expense of NY lol) to meet you, shake your hand and sit down with you over a meal to discuss not just business, but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am happy to say that my business trip was quite an extraordinary experience, and with some people perhaps long overdue.  It pleases me to have had the good fortune to have been able to take the trip and establish what I believe will be long term friendships and business relationships.

Metro International Investments - http://MII.MIAMI
Metro International Investments

In tandem with my business trip, work continued on our official brokerage website for Metro International Investments, http://MII.Miami.  My graphic designer, Lorena, created and finalized a fantastic logo (both a square and a rectangle), that I am happy to share with my readers today.  The website itself is up, but still subject to more customizations as we diligently work towards having it clearly convey our message to our target market; the Commercial Real Estate Investor.

The residential real estate aspect of the business is handled mainly by myself and my team of agents.  Our residential real estate MLS website can be found at http://REBroker.Miami.  I am putting my agent’s profiles together now and the site, like most healthy websites, continue to be works-in-progress.  Any and all feedback from customers and industry professionals is welcome!

REBroker.MIAMI is a residential real estate search site for property & rentals!
REBroker.MIAMI is a residential real estate search site for property & rentals!

Additional blog entries can be found (and will be found) on each of these sites as both time and subject matter permits.  I am a strong believer in educating my customers and sharing my experiences so as to empower them to make the best possible decisions for their unique set of needs, wants and goals.


The Broker for the Miami Beaches



I publish market analysis and other information of interest, mainly regarding the Miami Beaches, at http://BeachBroker.Miami (special thanks to Lorena for the new BeachBroker.Miami logo as well!).  This too is a growing work-in-progress and at some point I believe I will be enlisting the aid of some motivated and talented writers with similar goals to mine.  Until then I remain the sole author of this informational blog and enjoy writing articles for it.  Following the publication of this article will be the next edition of The Miami Beaches Market Pulse – January 2016 versus January 2015; and The Most Expensive Listings of February 2016 on the Miami Beaches.  In fact, I already have an initial draft of February 2016 versus February 2015 in draft and expect to have it out by mid-month.  Beyond the planned publications, I have plans to make accessible other resources to the Miami Beaches that are invaluable.  I will announce each of them as I deploy them.

Well, it is time to complete my latest edition of the Market Pulse; and so I will conclude here and endeavor to get my latest market update published for the coming business week.

Thank you for your readership!  Please contact me with any suggestions, commentary or questions you may have!


Miami Realtor, Miami Real Estate Professional
Christopher Lazaro, MBA & Licensed Real Estate Broker.  International Realtor® of Miami