Lessons & Ramblings of a Veteran Real Estate Broker

In January of 2003, I co-founded Metro International Investments with Mark J. Moldoff, a 4-decade veteran of the real estate development & brokerage industries.  For the past 5 years, I have benefited from his experience and his mentorship and I finally got him to start writing his own column on our company website, http://mii.miami.  He was nice enough to publish this while I was just beginning my recovery from spinal surgery, and unfortunately, I was unable to do much of anything, so I had to publish it a bit late.

It is my hope that others can benefit from his perspective, and I am sure as time goes on that he will publish many more articles covering best practices, education, and the real estate industry at large.  Mark’s specialization is Off Market Commercial Real Estate.

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Mark J. Moldoff, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Instructor
Mark J. Moldoff, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Instructor